Member Update 5/29/22

    MPAC Members,

    We are looking forward to a great summer. Here are some pool updates since Memorial Day is right around the corner!

    1. We are unable to offer lifeguard services this summer due to extreme understaffing. According to the Red Cross, there are half the number of lifeguards today than 2 yeas ago. Blue Bayou hasn't opened due to staffing, and pools across the country are closing. For this reason, all hours will be key swimming hours. No lifeguard will be on duty, so parents...please watch your kids! The pool is open to members from 7am - 7pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

    Here are some sources that validate the issue:

    2. New key fobs for new members are in, but we are currently unable to push the new member list into the gate access software. We have created a ticked with Stanley Security (the provider), and will advise everyone whenever we can start reissuing fobs that work. Its a holiday weekend, so we also emailed the regional manager. We haven't received a response, but hope to get one early this week.

    3. We are happy to allow guests at MPAC Pool starting tomorrow. We will start using the honor system with all guests, meaning members are expect to self-report anytime they bring a non-member with them to the pool. To report a guest on your account, email [email protected] upon arriving at the pool. Include the name and age of age guest, regardless of if they are swimming in the pool or just hanging out on deck. The guest fee will be $7 per person per day, and no guest can come with you more than 10 times this summer. Members may not bring more than 5 guests per day. Please remind your guests that no guards are on duty, and they parents should assume total responsibility for their kids. We will charge your guest fees to your Gymmaster.com account that you used to join for the season.

    4. Just this past week a local country club (not operated by SELA Aquatics) had a drowning during a pool party. That club had lifeguards on duty, but the drowning still occurred. The kid was pulled from the pool and received CPR and attention from EMS, and he ultimately lived, but that should never happen! Please Please Please...watch your kids!

    5. Remember to close your umbrellas when you leave each day. We started the season with 4 full-size umbrellas, and all of them have broken. We are averaging one broken umbrella per week at this point. Each of those suckers are $600+, so we respectfully ask each of you to take responsibility for them, and close them before you leave. This will ensure other members (and you) have shade during the season. We have a few more umbrellas on order, but they haven't arrived yet. As soon as they arrive, we will put them out!

    6. Don't forget, pool information is posted at www.MirabeauPark.com.

    Thanks everyone, let's make it a safe summer.


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